Sound Bath

A true therapeutic experience to live in harmony with the universe

Music is a powerful vehicle to connect us with the deeper part of our soul and favors Yoga and Meditation practices.

That’s the reason why I started playing healing instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, Shamanic Drums and many other little mystic instruments coming from the most spiritual places in the world during my Yoga session, my massages and just providing Sound Bath.

Picture yourself practicing Yoga and after having an Ayurvedic massage or just laying down in Savasana receiving the benefits of healing sounds, surrounded by the glorious nature of some magic spot of the island or in the comfort of your villa, totally immerse in the sound of mystical instruments, mixed with deep voices.

This is Sound Bath: a true therapeutic experience to live in harmony with the universe.

Yoga and Sound Bath

Photo by Magic Bowls

Attva-śuddhi-saumanasya-ekāgrya-indriya-jaya-ātmadarśana-yogyatvāni cha.

By the practice of mental purity one acquires fitness for cheerfulness, one - pointedness, sense of control and vision of the self.
(Sutra 41 Chapter 2)

it’s not just question of being pure...
Everything around you must be pure, the food you eat, the books you read, the music you listen, the people you met, the words you speak, the cloths you wear...