The Exclusive Retreat Experience

We embrace people who are interested in learning, developing, and implementing a conscious lifestyle, in harmony with nature and focused on the health of body, mind and soul.

Our mission is to bring you back to your pure, wild essence!

Our goal is to provide you with an experience of inner life that leads you towards an intimate union with a different, higher reality – a union with the Divine – where you are out of your comfort zone but still feel comfortable because you are welcome and supported on your individual journey.
Everyone is welcome – no previous experience is required.

The Exclusive Retreat Experience

Francesca and a team of professional and experienced therapists will guide your healing journey every step of the way as you undergo a detox and then experience the reconnecting process of body, mind, and spirit. The wisdom you attain during our retreats can be used in your daily life as an instrument for personal development and to enhance your physical health.

The goal of our retreat experiences is to provide you with the tools to minimize stress and discomfort in your life and to bring about a shift in your perception of yourself and the challenges you face in life.

Everything we offer is designed to enable deep healing, relaxation, personal transformation, and transmutation to experience a real and meaningful change.

We help you to live fully in the present moment.

Our Offer

We offer a fully customisable retreat packages in different formulas, 
where you can build your own retreat experience from our menu of services.
 Full or half board food service available.



Luxuriate in the comfort of your villa, hotel, or even a boat. We offer the perk of bringing the retreat to your door. 

You can experience our retreats anywhere for as long as you like.

Let us come to you and bring balance, harmony, and happiness to your life. We are at the service of beauty.

Prices on request 

One Day 


Our One Day Retreat Package is aimed at Private people and Hotels or Resorts that are in unsuitable locations to host a retreat. 

Our package offers you a chance to spoil yourself or your guests with an unforgettable experience - spending a whole day in luxurious tranquillity and holistic wellness in a location at your choice.

Price on request

4 - 7 Days 


This wide range of retreats are specifically for people looking to experience personal growth, or who wish to dive deeper into a particular area of interest, how to approach yoga a healthy lifestyle, detoxing programs, healing from emotional traumas, illness,or how to live with cancer.

Extended stay retreats are available. 

Price on request



Our transformational experience is a great team-building exercise that brings a range of benefits, like empowering people, self-confidence and motivation.     

Release the stress with a holistic and stimulating luxury experience and create new inspiring ideas which  will be reflected in business productivity. 

Price on request

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