About me

Beyond yoga...

I am a Medicine Woman who embraces since years the spiritual path, Yoga teacher, Therapist and Masseur of Ayurveda, Pranic Healer, Breath-work & Meditation Coach, who took the Shamanic path, as Shamanic Yoga teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Family Constellator, Facilitator to Regression to past lives, Shamanic Womb Healer.

I use all the tools learned along my long journey and those that I continually integrate, to take care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The purpose of my soul (my Dharma) is to take care of you and all sentient beings that I encounter along the way and help you reconnect with the true essence of your soul, overcoming fears and limitations and guide you towards a new vision of life, in complete harmony with nature and beauty, through a therapeutic, spiritual, holistic and educational approach.

With me you can simply practice yoga or receive a regenerating massage, but also decide to take a path of great change and transformation, starting from your diet, your lifestyle, awakening your hidden power to approach life in a different way and become the co-creator of your destiny, without being a victim of events.


My essence, my passion, my spiritual path, my knowledge learned with many Masters traveling to Mother India, Nepal and Mexico to reach the supreme source of knowledge and my continuous search for tools that I use to awaken my pure consciousness and to put myself at the service of others, my purpose in this incarnation - MY MISSION & DHARMA