Healing Retreat

Illness presents an opportunity to achieve the souls goal: finding love

Healing Retreat


Allow yourself to be accompanied and supported by our professionals to give you back your wings and remember who you are, immersed in the beauty and peace of our charming villa or in the comfort of your place.

Contact me to receive your personalized retreat experience and price.

Whether you need healing from or are recovering from an illness, an emotional disease or simply feel your soul is lost and out of balance, then this is the retreat for you. In Shamanism there is no disease, discomfort, disorder, or problem that is not a resource or an opportunity. Illness is the call to re-establish the universal primitive order. 


Please note - we can tailor this retreat to your needs

Day 1
Check in at 3 pm (early check in is available – just ask)
 Get settled in accommodations and explore the house
 Orientation meeting – open circle – information about the retreat and therapies, open debate, expectations
Conscious Nutrition class and personalized diet with the possibility to have a follow up

Day 2
Meditation on subtle bodies: how to heal your Koshas (energy body layers)
 Yoga Class: Pranayama, Kryas Asanas, final relaxation - Sequence of organs path and Skeleton contemplation
Healing session “Healing quantum meditation” if you are in a group or “Accelerated quantum alchemy” (chakras and Karma healing) as single sessions
Free Time to go for a walk, explore Ibiza/ enjoy the house and swimming pool/ relax
Lunch (packed lunch if you want to explore Ibiza)
Massage and Sound Ancestral Bath/ Ancestral Bath/ Wild meditation walk

Day 3
Meditation “Contemplation of the corporeal object in the corporeal object”
Shamanic Yoga Class (flow sequence, breath work, kryas, asanas, meditation) Soul retrieval
Breakfast and relax
Lunch (packed lunch for those going exploring) Free time to explore Ibiza, enjoy the house and swimming pool/ relax
Free or guided walk
Individual/group shamanic healing session

Day 4
Shamanic Yoga Class: Illness and Healing: The Harmful Intrusion - The pacification of disturbing images through the pentacle (meditation, pranayama, kryas)
Closing circle to synthesize what you have learned and experienced on your retreat so you can maintain your new sense of strength and clarity at home
Check out at 10am (late check out is available – just ask)

This retreat can last 7 days or longer and you can enjoy any of the experiences that we offer. 

Check out our Experience Menu and send us an email to receive the 7 days retreat schedule.

Healing Retreat In Ibiza with Francesca

Healing Retreat Ibiza

Healing Retreat in Ibiza