Release the stress with a holistic and stimulating experience and create new inspiring ideas which will be reflected in business productivity.  

Business Corporate Events and Retreats

We are offering customized events and retreat programs which will be made specifically by looking into the requirements of each company.

My background of business woman allows me to support large and small companies, offering different options with the aim of bringing harmony, awareness and happiness in their offices, warehouses, production lines and life.

  So how can we find a conscious way to work, be productive but also reduce the stress and increase our energy?

When employees are in a relaxed but stimulating environment, inspired thinking is encouraged, and above all they feel more willing to contribute to the goals of the company.

With awareness events or mindfulness retreats/congresses companies can bring a full range of benefits, such as brainstorming, communication, organization, higher performance, motivation, productivity, especially commitment and skill building.

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Company Training Events

The training events can be done in your company or in external location.

The proposal for companies is to put together two different experiences that of Yoga and meditation with that of managerial training in order to complete the acquisition of different skills, working on three different levels: mental, physical is emotional. 

Experiential training is the most effective way to approach change.


Mindfullness & Breath-work: what it consists of and experimentation, declination in everyday office

Creativity: exercises to awaken our creative and how it can be useful in design thinking or problem solving.

Communication and Assertiveness: be effective in communication and especially in building relationships based on trust. Know how to give effective feedback.

Conscious talks: how to select staff

Empowering and raising worker awareness

Stress management: relaxation and meditation techniques useful to manage stress levels, recognize signals before exceeding, personal well-being.

Self Confidence & Motivation

Team building

How to feel part of the company’s "purpose" and why everyone is indispensable

Corporate Retreat


We are offering customized retreat programs which will be made specifically by looking into the requirements of each company.

Contact me to receive your personalized retreat experience and price.


The package is just an example of 2 days retreat – we offer a fully customizable retreat package where you can build your own retreat experience from our menu of services. If you wish to avail of this offer, please email us in order to receive personal assistance.

Day 1
Check in at 3 pm (early check in is available – just ask)
 Get settled in accommodations and explore the house
 Orientation meeting – open circle – information about the retreat and therapies, open debate and above all expectations
Life coaching session: “empowering, self-confidence and tools, how to focus and reach your goals”

Day 2
Meditation Anapanasati A traditional method given by the Buddha of “mindfulness of breathing”, in other words breath meditation
Little restorative break for tea and dry fruits (15 / 20 minutes)
Yoga Class (meditation, pranayama, kryas, asanas, final “How Yoga practice helps you focus and reach your goals in life and your job”
Lunch and free time to go for a walk, explore Ibiza/ enjoy the house and swimming pool/ relax (packed lunch for the explorers)
Boat experience: Sail or motor boat. Time to swim, relax, enjoy the lunch with the best view from the sea or from a restaurant in Formentera. In case of choosing the sailing boat we have available an ancient vessel to host till 38 people - there is the possibility to have food and holistic experiences onboard
Free time to enjoy the house and swimming pool, in other words, RELAX!
Dinner out or at the Villa


This retreat can last 7 days or longer and you can enjoy any of the experiences that we offer. 

Check out our Experience Menu and send us an email to receive the 7 days retreat schedule.

Corporate Retreat by Francesca Marchioro

Photo by Kitera Dent

Corporate retreat in Ibiza