My approach to yoga is all encompassing and has evolved over the years as my own personal Yogic journey has unfolded. I started my practice with Anusara Yoga, then I focused on Asthanga for a short period before diving into Vinyasa Yoga.
During my first pilgrimage to India where I studied to become an Hatha Yoga teacher, everything inside me changed – my ideas, my attitude and my approach to Yoga. 

During the years my practice has altered drastically. I learned about different Yoga styles, focusing on Kundalini & Pranayama breath-work to increase my awareness about how to canalize our life force energy and awake Kundalini (our sexual nervous energy). I also become a Kids Yoga teacher.
At one point of my life I met my Master Selene Calloni William on my path, becoming a certified Shamanic Yoga teacher and keep studying with her in her Accademy as Spiritual Counsellor, Family Constellator with imaginary approach and Facilitator to Regression to past lives.
I am a certified Ayurvedic therapist of Nutrition, Massages and therapies, degreed in in India and Spain.
I am also certified Pranic Healer.


Each class I teach is different because I tailor them to the needs and the physical constitution of my clients (Dosha).
The sessions are strongly focused on breath work (Pranayama and Shamanic). I also teach Kundalini’s awaking techniques inspired by Shamanic Yoga.
Kundalini is our greatest power – it is the sexual energy that we must put at the service of the mind. Kundalini is often blocked and needs to be awakened. Once awake, we must learn to channel and direct it towards the heart, the mind and spiritual powers.

In my classes I always include asanas, mantras chanting, and healing musical instruments to synchronise body, mind and spirit with infinite benefits to the nervous system, Shamanic practices and meditations.
The experience is enriched by essential oils, Tibetan bells, instruments, incense and palo Santo



My lineage comes from Bihar School of India (Meditation, Pranayama, Sun Salutations, Standing up, Balancing and Sitting Asanas, final relaxation in Shavasana – enriched by essential oils, Tibetan bells and Mantras) but with the influence of other practices and techniques that I have learned flowing between the postures seeking to open the heart and the consciousness.

Hatha Yoga is a system of yoga which is specifically designed to give the practitioner perfect mastery over the physical body. It includes Asana (physical postures). Pranayama (breathing practices). Mudra (psychic gestures). Bandha (energy locks). It also includes the practices of physical and mental purification called Shatkarmas. These six cleansing practices consist of Neti, Dhauti, Basti, Nauli, Kapalabhati and Trataka.
Traditionally the practices of Hatha Yoga is been used by the yogis to prepare them for the advance practices of Raja Yoga (in Sanskrit, the word raja means "king," or one who has achieved self-mastery.  While the word Yoga itself means “union”, thus a Raja Yogi is someone who achieved the self mastery by the means of yoga and has established absolute control over the body and the mind).



Shamanic yoga is the oldest and most authentic yoga. Animist shamanism, as a way of ecstasy, is the oldest form of spirituality on this planet. From the Vedas to the Yoga Sutras, the Indian spiritual tradition has strongly absorbed the techniques of shamanic ecstasy and the visions of early shamanism.
The main forms of Indian and Tibetan yoga are strongly imbued with animist and shamanic feeling.

The practice of Shamanic Yoga leads to a new existential and social paradigm, characterised by a harmonic, non-dual relationship between man and nature. Practicing shamanic poetics means reconnecting oneself to one's soul, to one's inner world, letting out latent potentialities. The Shamanic Ritual therefore leads to a rapprochement with the Great Mother, to Nature, to a profound healing of the soul.

The class is a real pure Ritual. The lesson takes place in the "psychic or imaginary forest" where you feel a state of ecstasy, you ask the permission to enter and you realize an offer (your credence, your fear, your deep disease). Here you will experience the physical-corporeal experience ("Child Experience”) and the visionary-symbolic-imaginary experience ("Mother Experience”), which implies the use of particular "magical-psychic formulas", the reference to images with a powerful evocative force, visualisations of shapes, colours, yantra and repetitions of mantras..