Food Concept


You are what you eat - you cannot thrive if you are not eating that which nourishes and enriches you. We consider food to be a medicine and accordingly, healing begins from within.
Man cannot eat alone. We are dependent on nature to eat. Nature gives its fruits (either vegetable or animal ones) to man, who must revere this donation as a sacrifice and a gift. 

We believe food is divine and therefore it must be treated with the utmost respect.  Food is the base of the spiritual path, bringing you into a mutualistic relationship with your soul. It is essential that you eat well to nourish your body and soul if you wish to walk the spiritual path, but it is precisely the spiritual journey that teaches you how to nourish yourself properly. Everything exists in interdependence and connection.

In our kitchen we use high quality, fresh, organic ingredients that we try to source locally and sustainably where possible. Accordingly, our meals are dependent on seasonal diversity. Food preparation focuses on optimising flavours and colors without destroying enzymes and important nutrients. The entire process is undertaken with the maximum respect for nature’s offerings.

Our dishes are created by combining ingredients in alignment with each tailored retreat and so each dish is created with our clients’ personal needs in mind. While we pride ourselves on our culinary delights, we never lose sight of the ultimate goal of each dish which is to detox your body and mind, nourish your soul and thrill your senses.

Juicing cleanse, Ayurveda detox and weight loss programs are available.


As we consider food so important, in every retreat you will also receive a nutrition course. This will help you to taste, digest and assimilate the foods you will eat during your stay but also allows you to take home specific and important tips about your diet so you can continue to implement the changes yourself in your life. Diet is different for everyone because everyone is different, so personalized dietary information is vital if you are going to keep making progress on your healing journey.

We believe that eating with respect and in harmony with Mother Nature and your own needs will make you feel better than ever.

Forget calorie counting – we will teach you how to become an intuitive eater. As you become more attuned to your body you will learn what is good for you and what is not. This may be the key you have been looking for all along because what works for one person may not have the same results with someone else. We are convinced that this is the only way to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Food Concept Retreats by Francesca Marchioro