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Relax, Detox, Enjoy - Find the energy to live your journey to the fullest!

You can build your own retreat experience by choosing the experiences from our menu. 
If you need something not listed here, no worries, we are limitless, just ask, we may be able to accommodate you. 


One of the most important books about Yoga, The Bagavad Gita Yoga is not present as a psychophysical technique or a structured philosophy, but as an act of broadening one’s vision and heart and unification with the divine.  We offer different yoga styles, and every class is tailored to your needs.

Sailing meditation

Experience meditation while sailing on an ancient vessel on the north coast of Ibiza. 6-hour long experience, water meditation and then free time to swim, relax, and enjoy lunch with the best view from the sea.


Yogic purification techniques to clean body mind and soul (Kriyas). The purpose is to keep the body strong, clean, and healthy. Neti - nasal cleansing - Dhauti cleansing process for the alimentary canal - Nauli cleansing process for the intestine truth abdominal contractions - Basti a method for purifying the large intestine either with or without water - Kaphalabati breathwork technique to release toxins and increase inner digestive fire - Trataka eyes cleansing and mental focus improving.

Sound Bath Healing

We will enter a meditational state experiencing it with harmonic frequencies. This creates a deeply relaxing energy field and in combination with breath and body awareness, it activates your resources to liberate the tensions and restore a state of harmony, stillness, and stability. 

The instruments: hang drum, gongs, Tibetan bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, pyramids, flutes, shamanic and ocean drum, sheroot box, and voice.


Ayurveda, Deep tissue, Sports massage, Shiatsu, Thai, Relaxing, Californian, Face and Head massage, Balancing, Ritual, Remodeling, Linfathic, Body scrub, Lift/Rejuvenate Facial Massage, Osteopthatic, Physiotherapeutic, Cranio-Sacral, all kinds of massage is available.


An ancient energy healing practice that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. The therapist moves her hands gently helping the “life force energy” to flow through the body, thereby reducing stress and promoting healing.

Astrology Reader/Medium/Tarot

We have several excellent spiritual therapists available.

Hiking and Wild Walking Meditation

We work together with one of the best companies in Ibiza to hike safely, just enjoy!

Emotional Fitness/Animal flow training

In both our high intensity and softer trainings the fiscal and emotional conciseness is deeply involved. The body works with balance thereby increasing strength and developing muscle intelligence.

Wataflow and Watsu

This is a gentle form of aquatic bodywork therapy performed in the swimming pool or seawater. It is combined with movements, stretches, massage, and meridian point work. This experience creates therapeutic benefits and deep healing on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental). We provide different water ceremonies for single people or groups.

Shamanic Healing

This may involve clearing imprints, energy blocks, cutting chords, soul retrieval, and resetting the fight or flight mechanism. Chakras and Karma clearing on spiritual, psychic psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a mind-body-spirit practice that improves and encourages the free flow of energy throughout the body/mind systems. 


Naturopath, Ayurvedic. Juicing cleanse, Ayurveda detox and weight loss programs are available. [button]

Cooking course

In addition to providing the nutrition course, we will teach you how to prepare delicious, conscious food at home.


This is an ancient Mexican ceremony to purify not just the body, but the mind and soul too. It is a cleansing ritual where participants sit in a circle in a sweat lodge. Volcanic rocks are placed in the center and water is poured over them to produce steam. Herbs are then added, and ritual chanting is practiced aiding the spiritual and cleansing process.


This is an ancient Chinese medicinal method of stimulating specific points along the meridians (nerve-rich areas of the skins surface) through needles in order to influence tissues, glands, organs and various other functions of the body and also to balance the flow of energy or life force.


This is a dance based on ‘human movements’ designed to help participants explore their own deep wild being. The benefits include an increase in health and consciousness, recovery of joy and vitality and the development of the potential to fully live life.

Life Coach session

Thanks to Quantum Alchemy we would love to help you find the purpose of your soul in this life and then help you to clarify your goals and overcome the fears and obstacles in the path to living a full life of love.

SPA and Beauty service

manicure, pedicure, waxing, eyelash extensions, facial hygiene, make-up, and hair services. If you are looking for a specific treatment not listed here, please ask and we may be able to accommodate you.

Paint Therapy / Mandala Painting / Pottery Course

It is proved that these therapies reduce stress, boost creativity, increase sensory development and increase self-confidence due to the simultaneous use of the hands, brain, and eyes.

SUP yoga, Kayak and Snorkelling

Improve your strength, balance, and focus while swimming or discovering the breath-taking views and scenery of the island directly from the sea or seabed. 

Yacht Service

you can enjoy a trip around the Ibiza island or maybe go to Formentera and swim in the turquoise water. Everything is possible.