Sailing Meditation

Live this unforgettable spiritual journey

We leave the port cradled by the waves, the sounds of the sails moved by the wind in the background, feeling the touch of the sea breeze on the skin, the vases Saga is ancient, beautiful and delicate as a woman.

Once we arrive to destination point on the north of Ibiza, we will deep into the meditation, working on the second chakra, characterised by the water element. Later the sound bath therapy by Rocio will cuddle you while still layed down in shavasana (the corp pose).
Once your eyes are open, you will experience the balancing sensation of your body and mind in the middle of the sea. Straightaway you will be ready to reconnect with your water element swimming into the sea.
Afterwards you will enjoy the healthy, tasty and delicious food prepared by our chef Mar, of course you can’t miss a glass of Cava to celebrate this special day on Saga, sharing good vibes on board.
While we will sail back to the port, you will enjoy the silence and the deep relaxation that our experience would have given...

Looking forward to see you on board.