Yoga & Ancestral bath ritual

The human body is made up of 70% water. Water element is a great connector with our emotions. 

The combination of baths and meditation helps to connect with our feelings and release blockages.

The ancestral bath represents a very intimate experience for a deep connection with your soul.

The water element is the principle of liquidity, acceptance, receptivity and transparency. It is centered in our hips and pelvis zone, connected to our sexual and reproductive organs.
Embracing the water element, we allow ourselves to flow more effortlessly with the situations in our lives.
When the water element is balanced, you can connect easily to others, feel content and calm, let things go, be open to joy and pleasure, and express creativity. 

The experience includes breath work, slow down asanas and a short meditation to prepare your body and mind to be immersed into the ancestral bath (2 hours approximately).

I take care of the Yoga experience while the lovely Tanya prepares your bath and the environment around, to hug you in the deepest harmonizing experience.

 Accordingly to the purpose of therapy every bath has a different therapeutic goal: renovate your energy, chakras balancing unless forget the beauty.

Ancestral Bath Ritual

Ancestral Bath Ibiza
Ancestral Bath Ibiza

A mix of oils, herbs, flowers, stones and crystals make these baths unique balancing experience on a physical and emotional level.

Ancestral Bath Ibiza